Motorhome / Campervan Habitation Service

Motorhomes from £150

Campervans from £100

The scope of the service covers the habitation side of the vehicle only. The engine, mechanical and electrical systems of the vehicle is not covered.

Servicing should take approximately 3 hours and you will be provided with a comprehensive report on completion, this will detail observations and works/parts required (A separate damp report will also be included).


Corner steady’s (if fitted), Folding steps (where applicable), underslung tanks, pipework and battery boxes.

Electrical System

A basic functional and safety check will be carried out on the ELV & LV electrical systems. 13/7 pin plugs & cables, hook up (if present), road lights, leisure battery (if fitted) & compartment, charging system, fridge electrical operation, interior lighting and equipment, Earth bonding and 230v consumer unit load test

Be aware the above does not cover the detailed scope of an Electrical Installation Condition Report click here for further details.

Gas System

Gas soundness check (Leak Test), regulators & associated pipe work, ventilation, security of bottle and appliance operation (Be aware gas appliances are not serviced unless requested, they will involve an additional cost. Quotes can be given).

Water Systems

Water pump, switches & micro switches, taps, valves, pipes, inlets & waste, tank (if present) and the toilet (must be empty and clean or it will not  checked). The system will be sterilised (no filter will be fitted).


Doors & windows, body attachments (ladders, cycle racks, lockers etc), general condition of roof, floor, furniture, window furniture, rising roof (if applicable)  damp test.


Fixed ventilation (low &high) and roof-lights/sunroofs

Fire Safety

(If fitted) All fire safety devices, fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire blankets and extinguisher.

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